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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Why this blog? The reason is divine

Of late, I had been feeling quite miserable at the thought that how the world is so poor spiritually and intellectually despite me being around to enrich it much more than the collective gyan (puritanical way of spelling is jnan meaning knowledge) of the prophets and the charlatans whose followers run in the billions.

I had a divine vision a few days back, a vision where Mr. God called upon me and said; "Peep, is this why I sent you in the world; is this why I loaded all your camels, donkeys & mules (and also a few elephants that he forgot to mention) with intellect, deep thoughts, philosophy and talent in everything that you take them all and laze around without remembering your real purpose on the planet? Remember, Peep, remember that you are the chosen one; I myself chose you to represent me on Earth and spread the gyan that mankind desperately needs at this hour; especially when a certain earthling from a measurement called America is already claiming to have spoken to me, and spreading lies that I asked him to do this and do that. Peep, start doing what you have been assigned for, don't forget your divine duty. I shall be there to guide you, as and when you shall need me. There is an excellent medium these days called Internet. Use it freely to spread your message. Tell the world of your life, experiences, philosophy and spread your teachings. Start a blog, people will read, more and more people will know about you and spread your message even further. No, don't attempt to take your message through MSM, they have corrupted themselves, they have sold their souls to the devil, I have rung their death knell, their days are numbered, blogging is here to stay, it will only grow from strength to strength. You have the unique advantage, the advantage of being the first cyber prophet son, the net savvy Son of God. So go on, enlighten the world son. MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU!"

Now that you know the reason, now that I have the 'medium', now that you and I are connected, this blog is born. You all are welcome here not only to de-prostitute your souls, but to get unadulterated gyan.

Param Guru Beau Peep

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Blogger aki said...

i am a big beau peep fan. u know any place where i can download his comics.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Beau Peep said...

Yes, you can definitely find me at

11:40 PM  
Blogger virat0 said...

Param Guru Beau Peep,
I don't think your gyan is spreading too far . You should have more comments on this humorous piece, I added one more.

7:53 AM  

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