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Sunday, January 29, 2006

An imposter, a book fair, a chicken leg and a couple of celebrities for you today

I finally got the time to sit down and pay attention to my blog that had been laying orphan for quite some days now.

The last week had been very hectic. For a guy who loves to laze around, a 17-hr working day and 6-day working week is a bit too much. Still carrying on; I have the belief that with my extra-ordinary talents in almost anything from lovemaking to making hay I am going to earn more by working less sooner than later.

This week, I had been visiting other people’s blogs to see what they had been writing. I know of an imposter here in the blogosphere from New Delhi who blog as a female drawing hundreds of visitors in ‘her’ blog everyday. No links here, because I don’t want to upset his applecart. Besides if he is having fun playing a ‘she’, let him have it.

She being a ‘he’ knows very well what would attract males – salivating, frustrated and opportunistic males. So ‘she’ plays it up a bit, shows ‘herself’ as a vulnerable single female in her ‘twenties’, living independently with a penchant for discos and drinks. *Perfect recipe for getting genuine and not so genuine male and often female sympathy*

He is so successful in playing the role that his blog gets a huge number of comments on each post and from June 2004 till now with an average of less than one post per day the blog’s Google PR has become 5! What’s more, it is certain that his blog would get a higher PR as Google would update its PR soon.

‘She’ had been blog-rolled by virtually every serious blogger from India (save a few maybe) and is all over the blogosphere. Good job mate, keep it up. The world is full of gullible guys who would do anything to get under the pants of a girl. *Ah-em!*

So next time you feel for any blogging female’s tears, think twice especially before posting a comment. Someone might be having a mighty good laugh at your heart’s expense. So much for feelings. *Sigh*

Anyway, I am Beau Peep, it is my duty to give jnan. That’s why I am here for, so don’t mind if I induced some confusion in you. After all, we humans are all fallible.

Well, yours truly went to the World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan. I felt that this year, there is something seriously missing in it. I really don’t know what it was, but if you had been visiting it for some years now, you would feel it. IBH didn’t come this year; the crowd was not as enthusiastic as you would expect to see on a sunny Spring Sunday afternoon and this despite Delhi Metro cutting short the commuting time so drastically along with the grind of taking a bus or driving from a far-flung corner like Dwarka. Apart from the entry fee of five rupees, everything else seemed to be really unreasonably priced. The chicken-rice that I had was very poorly made and it sucked big time to buy a glass of water for 5 bucks!

I then saw Mrinal Pandey for the first time in my life for real. I was really infatuated with her at a certain point in my boyhood. She grayed quite unbelievably, but her cheeks were as luscious as before. Then I hopped into the Youth Centre to see Srikanth answering questions. He must have answered the questions that were being asked a million times before. Well, this wasn’t the first time I saw him. In fact, it was the first time I was at arm’s length to him. That felt really nice. After the tête-à-tête session was over, people almost mobbed him when a ‘civilized’ female started asking the crowd to show (read prove) that they have indeed evolved.

So there you are folks; all over now. I suddenly realized having dinner is important than blogging, especially when you only devoured the leg of the pathetic chicken who laid its life for the cause of a damp book fair.

Au revoir. Hope to meet you through this soon again.


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