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Monday, May 01, 2006

Suryanarayana beheading: An ‘accidental’ suicide

K Suryanarayan, the engineer abducted and beheaded by the followers of a subhuman philosophy called the Taliban today, might have thought of one thing before his head was yanked off. Then, I am sure his confusion over his own thoughts must have made him feel utterly miserable.

“Why did I come to Afghanistan of all the places? If at all I did, what was the motive? Was it Manjula, or was it the young Sapna or both of them with their children? Or was it simply because I have had enough of adventure with bigamy and got away without anything thrilling happening, so decided to try for something dangerous? Anyway, whatever it is, I can’t really say whether I should have pushed myself this far.”

The official version from the first family (whose images were on almost all newspapers) was that he went to Afghanistan for the better future of his kids. Ok, every father no matter however bad once in a while thinks about the well-being of his kids. So can’t really blame the mom for claiming that the bloke went there for the kids.

Anyway, forget the family affairs now that are turning out to be utterly disgraceful for the reputation of two women and the future of a few innocent kids. To be honest, I have least sympathy for both the women now shedding tears over the prospect of losing the ex-gratia amount declared by the government and the other benefits that will follow.

The Taliban as we know are a bunch of retarded freaks that had been made dangerous by Uncle Sam in connivance with the Pakis by arming them. Now these retards have tried quite a few things spectacular and achieved moderate success. Those who were lucky enough to have been captured by Uncle Sam’s agents are now learning the ways of the civilized world that they would never have the chance to emulate. So they would die with voids in their hearts of having ‘missed out on the real fun’

Now back to Suryanarayan. How on earth can anyone land up in a place like Afghanistan given the situation there and the prevailing atmosphere for unguarded foreign civilians? I don’t think that the earlier beheading of Kutty got lost on him.

The story is simple; the lure of lucre is far greater than the risks involved in getting one’s head yanked off. My heart goes out to Kutty who didn’t have too many choices as a BRO member but to head towards Afghanistan. But as far as Suryanarayan is concerned, I just can’t accept that he didn’t have choices either.

Well, maybe he didn’t, greed didn’t allow him any choice. The blogosphere is being verbose against the Taliban. Well, they are like blaming fire from burning, rotten scum from stinking, dogs from barking, sun from lighting. The Taliban did what they are meant to do in this planet.

Suryanarayan wasn’t a ‘fearless’ human being. He was plain stupid, or maybe greedy or it was just a case of suicide, but accidental. In any case Afghanistan is no place to work.

As far as this guy is concerned, he is simply mad.

As for the two women out there, all I can say is – Happy Sobbing!


Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

I'm still trying to wrap my gray matter around the notion that someone would go to a violent wasteland such as Afghanistan to improve their lot in life.

7:14 AM  

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