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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moussaoui wins the win-win game, can seriously hope to walk free now

Moussaoui let off the needle, now can cool his heels for sometime and relax. He now has a fair chance to walk free

It seems like a fairy tale script going true for the radical Zacarias Moussaoui, the French citizen of Moroccan origin who prides himself to be an Al-Qaeda alumnus. The jury in the trial of Moussaoui reached a verdict that he rather is sent in prison for life than being executed. Wow!!

This proud member of the terror organization went on record that he was very happy to see Americans losing near and dear ones in the 911 attacks that he failed to be a part of directly.

He ridiculed the relatives of the September 11, 2001 victims, mocked the Americans, the judiciary and far from showing any remorse, proudly declared that he dreams that the US will release him in a prisoner exchange programme.

Well, the jury could have decided that he died. If he was sentenced to be executed, his dream to be a free man owing to a prisoner exchange programme would have died with him for it was quite possible that a high value American target wouldn’t have fallen prey to terrorist abductors.

Sparing his life actually gives him enough time to live on that hope and as things stand now, the Americans have actually played in the hands of the mastermind whose master game-plan gave him everything that he wanted.

The end result? Well, Moussaoui actually slapped the American public right across the face, mocked at their misery, made them spend money on his trial and investigation yet got away scot-free. In the prison, he can hope to live many, many years. His security is guaranteed by the American taxpayers’ money and the food he eats in the pen, no to mention his healthcare.

One day, he will fly out on the taxpayers’ money just as many of his accomplices were flown in to the legal and territorial limbo controlled by the Americans called Guantanamo Bay.

Americans are stupid, the Moussaoui trial proved it and the jury stamped its verdict on it that reads – Yea Mr. Zacarias Moussaoui, we agree with you, we all deserve to be buggered by you, after all we are a nation of idiots epitomized by our president who had been a village simpleton all his life.

Some guys will never ever be able to realize this like this bloke called Raymond who is so euphoric about the jury decision and this another epitome of the stupid American citizenry called Tony too is dancing despite getting smeared in shit Moussaoui excreted for the Americans in the courtroom.

Bravo you idiots, rejoice to your hearts content. It will be worthwhile to see how your monkey faces look like when the Moussaoui guy who dared you all walks free just as he predicted.


Blogger Tony said...

You have set me straight. You provoked some thoughts that helped resovle why this verdict did little for me.

7:00 AM  

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