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Monday, September 04, 2006

Aussies pay tribute to Steve Irwin, vandalize Wikipedia stingray page

The Aussies have gone berserk. They just can’t accept that their hero (he was a world hero) Steve Irwin has been killed by a lowly stingray.

So what they are doing? Well, they have attacked the Wikipedia page on stingray. The page has been vandalized causing the page to be locked for editing by new or anonymous users.

What a way to pay tribute to the departed soul. Only the Aussies are capable of such stupidity.

Even the Steve Irwin page is vandalized!

The Wikipedia page on stingray

The page edit History

Check the user Talk here


Blogger Speedmaster said...

Pretty sad on both counts. ;-(


4:28 AM  
Blogger sauravc said...

Can u throw some lights on Austrlians and their fights with Murlidharan, the legendary leg spinner from Sri Lanka. You may also compare him with 'Warny' who not only breaks records but also hotel beds as well.

(sorry, if i sounded irrelevant...but i know your take on this would be no less than a wonderful analysis)

9:18 AM  

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