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Friday, September 01, 2006

Bootleggers: In dry-day service of humankind

You always run out of booze when you think you just started enjoying the feeling.

Many brothers (and sisters) who love their booze would agree to the above statement. And when your bottle runs dry, it is usually the curfew time for wine shops around. So what do you do? Run to your friendly bootlegger, he will always be there to enhance your spirits for a few extra bucks.

In Delhi, bootleggers are flourishing, while the government is losing. The archaic moral policies of the Delhi government that include shutting down of wine shops sharp at 10 pm and uncountable dry-days means that with every visit to my favourite bootlegger, my love for him increases.

Last night was such an incident. The booze ran out at 11 pm just as the small party was warming up. We scooted to our familiar Shastri ka dukan in Chowkhandi (near Tilak Nagar - Subhash Nagar) in West Delhi from my flat near District Center in Janakpuri.

The Shastri was there – a muscular man in his 30s with a mane that will turn many females green. And I had my bottles. Life would be so dull and boring like the Delhi government without people like him.

Thanks for being there friend.


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