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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We need not be Hitler's apologists if we can’t be…

This month’s flavour was certainly Hitler owing to the furor caused by the restaurant named Hitler’s Cross in Mumbai. I wrote a post on why it wasn’t such a big issue. I wasn’t surprised to see people labeling me as a Holocaust denier or a revisionist.

Let me clear the air here. I am NOT a Holocaust denier neither I am a Holocaust revisionist. My position on this is ambiguous at best. I am not saying that the Holocaust really took place, and I neither deny it. If I may put it this way, I would rather take the 5th Amendment. But hold on! It doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. I have very strong opinions on this and in due course of time through my writings here, I would let you know what I really believe in and why.

As of now, my question to you all is this – Is it proper to be only Hitler’s apologists and not be the apologists of Mussolini, Hirohito, Stalin and Mao? We can’t be partial in our approach; or can we?

The commies in India and all over pride themselves by associating themselves with mass killers like Stalin and Mao. Their portraits are displayed all over their offices, rallies, political banners etc. They even salute each other in the commie way. Why symbols of Stalin and Mao are not banned? The crimes Stalin and Mao committed against humanity are far worse than what Hitler did prior to and during the World War II.

When Hirohito died on January 7, 1989 India declared a day of National Mourning the next day. I still remember as a school kid, I was looking forward to watch the Hrishi Kapoor flick Karz in Doordarshan. It wasn’t often that you saw a relatively successful movie in the only channel that was available for us Indians. The only time a Hindi movie was broadcasted was on Sunday evenings and the Friday late night ‘adult’ movies. They dropped broadcasting the movie and instead they played the boring flop Ratna Deep. Does anyone of you remember that? [I am impressed I still remember that!]. Anyway, one can argue that Hirohito never actively encouraged many of Japan’s Wartime crimes like Japan’s Manchuria invasion and the genocide that followed, and most were carried out without his knowledge. I just can’t help but laugh at such suggestions. In fact, he was the mastermind behind the outrageous atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial Forces.

I know if ifs and buts were pots and pans, there would have been no tinkers. However, what if Hitler had won the Second World War? We would most certainly have had diplomatic ties with Germany and perhaps many nations would have declared national mournings on the death of Hitler!

If we need to give ourselves some kind of credibility, we must stand up for what is right and must be able to call a spade a spade, come whatever the consequences be. We simply can’t be the apologists of one monster and followers and well-wishers of other and perhaps greater and hideous monsters.

We simply can’t!


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