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Monday, May 15, 2006

Reservation in India: Congress leading India back to Quit India days

Rajeev Goswami When our constitutional fathers were scripting the articles on reservation for the backward sections of our society who were subjected to the abominable caste system in India from times immemorial, they had the noble idea of actually bringing about the upliftment of the sections of the society who were chartered into the schedules of various development mandatory initiatives and programmes. The idea was to bring the whole population to a level playing field in the years to come.

What did they do wrong? In the nascent democracy that India was in the 50s, they should have actually reserved a quota of 50% in education, employment etc with 5% of it skimmed off every 5 years so that in 50 years there would have been no quota, no reservation, nothing at all. The children of 21st century India would be at least socially equal.

In 1989, VP Singh, the loser politician and his coalition of populist politicians played the Mandal card – the Commission headed by BP Mandal who advocated reservation for not only the members of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, but also the Most Backwards and the Other Backward castes. This resulted in large-scale anti-Mandal protests and scores of students committed suicide, often in public self-immolation bids as shown by the DU student Rajeev Goswami (who later went on to become the General Secretary of the DU Students Union, later resigned into the clouds of oblivion and died in 2004 as a handicapped baker in his mid-30s). Scores of young people died and the period itself registered as a black period in the annals of free India.

17 years hence, the derelict politician Arjun Singh, who once missed the PM’s chair owing to some internal bickering in the Congress after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination and now a man with one foot on his grave and the other on a banana peel, is trying to invoke the ghost of the Black Era of 1989-90. He is doing his best to put old wine in a new bottle with the motivation which is just what made the VP Singh government commit hara-kiri.

VP Singh now is irrelevant to India’s politics now. Arjun too is, but then the Congress-led UPA is holding the reins of the government. It is this reason only why the actions of the imbecile is being noted. Congress is the main culprit here for allowing the imbecile Arjun’s childish behaviour. However, his ain’t gonna last long. Already we are seeing countrywide protests with medical students showing the leading light. Others have joined the agitation as well and it is gaining momentum like nothing before.

India of 90 and India of 2006 is as different as chalk from cheese. This time there might be lesser number of self-immolations, but then the avalanche might just prove what many had been suspecting before:

As the candlelight flares up just before getting extinguished, the Congress is also showing the same characteristics before being completely resigned to history. They are hell-bent upon trying to move India back to the days of Quit India movement when we were backward, deprieved and illiterate; but then, it is unwittingly putting India even further back, as far back as the time when the Bolsheviks stormed the Alexander Palace during the October Revolution in 1917 in Russia which was followed by the execution of Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov, the last Tsar of Russia. [The point here is that we are going backwards in terms of development, so don't get lost here.]

Why am I saying this? Anyone noticing the march of the Reds since the last general elections? Is the Maoist movement escaping your notice my dear friends or for the fact the Commie-in-Chief, Comrade Karat and other members of his cabal holding secret meetings or negotiating with the ultras who can sing only one song – China’s Chairman is our Chairman? The day is not far off when the commies will overtake India and other parts of the Subcontinent like Nepal.

We are in deep shit folks and we have nothing but ourselves to blame for this. The time is now to act and uproot the UPA and its ‘outside supporters’ for they are the ones who will destroy us.

The text book to read now is George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Remember the 'Revolution', the pigs?
That's all folks. The Guru will be back soon.

Au revoir


Blogger Passion said...

Reservations are legislative response to historical social and economic injustices.
India(ns) do not need reservations if 85% of their marriages are inter-religious and inter-caste.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Brijesh said...

Great Post. The Ministers like Arjun Singh are a curse to India. I have posted my thought in my blog about reservations.

7:50 PM  
Blogger virat0 said...

According to mundalpati, the state would create reservation, if the citizens don't marry according to its preference. This is a misuse by state power, sadists( inslcuding JNU professors, chinese agents, european brown sepoy) who force this would pay a lot of cost for misusing state power.

5:24 AM  

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