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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Guru back to basics with comments on a bloated snob, Google and Microsoft in his vitriolic self

Ok, I have to confess (rather admit is the correct word here) that I have finally got over the bug that bit me recently to follow some current affairs news and analyze them like the wanker from al-Qaeda sentenced to life in prison and Kaavya Vishwanathan, the Harvard sophomore who landed in some real hot soup and found much to her dismay that it wasn’t curry after all.

One more confession; I would like to make is that I do have a penchant for reading the blogs of some airy-fairy females, some snobby males and some who consider themselves like mega stars (as their attitudes belie) like Gaurav Sabnis, the accidental hero of Indian blogosphere in 2005 owing to the IIPM scam.

Though I knew that he was a lamer (as most of the fancily labeled IIM grads are) for the first time I felt that he exposed himself when it came in analyzing companies.

Let’s hear what he says;

“I have never been a big fan of anti-trust laws, but even under that premise, this reeks of hypocrisy. Firefox and Opera, both have Google as the default search engine...
You may want to point out the holes in Google's argument, and call it hypocritical. But it would be futile. I'm sure even P&B know how ridiculous it is. But you see, Google is a corporation now. And M$ is its competitor…”

Well, being a geek and Gaurav’s senior by a couple of years in Management studies from Bangalore (the then happening city in information technology) from the mid-nineties through 2000, I know what the MS phenomenon was (and for the matter it still is) and what the Google phenomenon is now.

I have never been a fan of MS, but I must admit that MS has been a part of my life since 1993, and yes, that was before the Windows 95 days. Having said that, there was a time when I truly loathed Microsoft but in the same time made Bill Gates my guru subconsciously.

Anyway, Google may have procured Upstartle, the makers of the online word processor Writely, pegged as the competitor to MS Office [upon which, my good mate Om has a great analytical article], did make some waves with it’s AdSense initiative and made noises here and there, launching GoogleTalk and supporting the standardization and evolution of these protocols through the Jabber Software Foundation’s community standards process and subsequently launching the GoogleTalk API.

But, is Google’s arsenal stock good enough to take on Microsoft? Well, as far as I am concerned, Google’s search monopoly is under threat now from MSN search (and I am serious), Yahoo! has launched its own text ad program and MS is going to follow soon. Google isn't exactly doing as brightly as people percieve it to be.

In fact, Yahoo!, though not in the watch list of those who are waiting to see the demise of MS, is making the best and the correct moves now by procuring the right type of companies, web 2.0 companies to be precise. Flickr, and are under Yahoo’s kitty already.

Nah! I am drunk tonight, so excuse me folks for not going into deep analysis. The bottom line is that Google is not threatening MS; Google is just hype only. Google is not even close to Yahoo! and MS faces no competition from Yahoo!

I promise to discuss Google and MS in the next few days; but would like to urge to remember the truth. I also promise to discuss Google’s Page Rank, which I believe is the worst conning marketing gimmick by a new economy company in the last 2-3 yrs or so.

I dunno what will happen in the next life, but in our lifetimes, Microsoft Corporation will be the number one company as far as information technology is concerned, as it is now.

One must remember, we may loathe MS, but we can’t wish its demise or even afford to wait for it. After all no cow died because of a curse spelt by a vulture, isn't it?

IIM Lucknow might have taught Gaurav the Principles of Management, but I doubt if it taught him anything else apart from those second hand thoughts leftover by real thinkers.

IIM Lucknow, or for that matter all the IIMs in India are 3rd Class institutions when you compare them with institutions of repute around the world. Since we are Indians, we tend to give them much importance despite the fact that those mills produce the abominable babu characters that we come across in a typical sarkari organization in the country.

The only difference is that the IIM babu suffers from an artificial superiority complex brought upon by the labeling they get from socialites who discuss their sons (and sometimes daughters) getting admission in them over a peg or two of whisky.

That’s all folks from the Guru tonight! I promise to bring you lots of Google, Microsoft and ‘derelicts of the real intellectual world’ like the Sabnis bloke cooking bhurjee in Marathi, which is as a matter of fact, his best attempt in the Indian blogosphere.

Au revoir.


Blogger Bonatellis said...

ahaan ... intriguing .. intriguing indeed ;)

11:22 PM  
Blogger Ashish Singh said...

it feels good to sound like GOD himself, but the truth is that with the loads of oozing attitude and intellectual masturbation you are just prooving your stature. It is so easy to spit on anything, and passing value judgement on intitutions like IIMs without looking and evaluating facts. As a typical slave mentality indian you have believed that Foreign MBAs are better than IIM MBAs.......just a reference for your tiny analytical mind....Jyotiraditya Scindhia, Sachin Pilot, and Akhilesh yadav ....all bought their MBAs from Harvard, can they get in any of the IIMs and survive with anything but merit. Looking deeper may not be possible with your prejudiced inflated ego but this open arguement might help you remove the blinds.

1:22 AM  

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