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Saturday, May 13, 2006

DesiPundit: Rapidly becoming irrelevant

DesiPundit was once upon a time my favourite ‘Web 2.0 joint’ from where I gathered info about whatever the Indian blogosphere was abuzz with. Alas! It is no more the same now. The ‘plan’ or the 'scheme' is being hijacked and only a selected few bloggers from India (which includes some really substandard ones) manage to find some sort of mention in it again and again.

It has lost really all credibility. This time it was too much for me to digest. It posted a Tamil blog in Tamil script and that only the Tamils can understand.

There was no attempt to translate the content either. It makes no sense to me as it wouldn’t to the rest of the country.

Not relating to the post in DesiPundit; I would like to say that Tamil is no Hindi and notwithstanding what JJ’s demand’s are to make the language a national language (which the previous govt. didn’t accede to proving that it hadn’t lost its marbles then), Tamil is in reality just another language like the score and half India has. It is not spoken by more people in India or abroad than Bhojpuri or for that matter Marathi or Bengali. In any case, it is not even understood by about 80% of the population if not more.

The auto-rickshaw drivers in Chennai would like to differ though. Have you experienced it? They are a scum-rotten bunch of thugs actually.

Lastly, a word for DesiPundit. If you want some sort of credibility for yourself, refrain from such things. If you can't, work a bit more, take pains translate such posts. Also, try to look beyond your nose, there are more bloggers than the ones you are hanging to for over a year.


Blogger Kaps said...

@Beau Peep,
The intention of DesiPundit is to expand to as many Indian languages as possible. If contributors from the various Indian languages show interest, we would be more than happy to include those languages within the scope of DP. The post linked by you leads to another Tamil blog and that is the reason why the DP post is in Tamil. We don't have any bias towards any Indian language.

3:51 AM  
Blogger Patrix said...

As Kaps said, that particular link leads to a Tamil post thus translating a link would be misleading when in fact, if you click through and be confronted with an entire post that you don't understand. That would be far more infuriating, I supposed.

Your other concern of not including more bloggers remains our continuous and highest priority but can't help it if we don't find quality writing beyond a handful blogs. Feel free to send us tip-offs if you see any posts that deserves to be on DesiPundit. Other readers might appreciate such sharing.

7:42 PM  

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