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Monday, August 21, 2006

Darrell Hair: Part of larger Aussie conspiracy

Darrell Hair: The Aussie umpire planted as a saboteur to selected matches.
The Australian Cricket Board or Cricket Australia as it is known now has elaborate plans for world domination in cricket. So far, it has been fairly successful. Well, right from scheduling their test matches to use saboteurs (by infiltrating them into successful teams) to planting umpires like Darrell Hair.

Let me explain each one of them briefly.

1. Clever scheduling of fixes: The Aussies play cricket when it's Summer there and tour places like the Indian Sub-continent when the cricket playing season is the worst, that's early Summer or late Summer but never in late Autumn or Winter when it's the best time there. This has improved their ratings and wins more than their playing skills ever had. Except for the Ashes, it has always been advantage Australia whenever Australia tours abroad. However, that's advantage only half lost as England plays in Australia when it is burning like hell there.

The Aussie Board must be patted on their backs for thinking so deep and schedule their cricket playing season at home during November - January so to carry out what I would term as -- Daylight Robbery. Has anyone thought of this before? Maybe, here is one reason why most of the Ashes contests went to Australia notwithstanding some of the very fine players they have produced.

So that way, it takes over twice the effort for Test playing Nations to beat Australia Down Under. Perhaps that's the reason why it was West Indies that beat Australia there last in 91. Cricket in West Indies is played for the first half of the season with the second half going down the drain literally due to the rains.

2. Using saboteurs: Greg Chappell is a prime example of how he used Saurav Ganguly during India’s last tour Down Under in 2003-2004. I won’t be surprised if Cricket Australia has used him through Ian to infiltrate into the Indian dressing room and start the rut. What did we see then? India under the aggressive Ganguly dominated the Test series. It was under Ganguly the team developed aggression and the right kind of players were picked up. Greg Chappell ‘helped’ Ganguly on his technique to play on fast and bouncy pitches. Now it seems he was just using Ganguly as means to get into the Indian dressing room as a coach so that he can destroy the team and get the mentor of the team, Ganguly out. It serves Australia’s motive right - Come what may, we don’t want to have any competition.

Now as a reward for his service to the cause of Cricket Australia, Greg is invited to coach the Australian team. Also, the ICC might have a few motives to see Indian Cricket divided. A little investigation would unearth the truth.

3. Planting umpires to instigate teams into wrongdoings: What Darrell Hair did was all according to the Great Aussie Gameplan. It was well thought of, planned and executed. It started with saving Shane Warne from being overshadowed by not only the greatest spinner, but the greatest ever bowler Muttiah Muralitharan. He called him for chucking and the hell broke loose. However, the coward Darrell Hair is, he couldn’t call him for chucking every ball Muralitharan bowled. If he did ‘chuck’, then he didn’t chuck only the three balls that Hair called!

This time around, Pakistan was on the verge of winning the Test. Pakistanis are infamous for their ball-tampering exploits. Darrell Hair didn’t like the Pakistanis much. Cricket Australia had a long-term agenda in place. Darrell Hair got his moment, the opportunity he was looking for as he was already at crosshairs with the Pakistan Cricket Board and the team. What he did at the oval will go down as one of the worst acts in the inventory of the blackest deeds in the annals of the glorious game. Then, did anyone follow what Malcolm Speed had to say about Inzy and co? Speed is an Aussie too!

England (read ECB) meanwhile is playing innocent in the whole affair. After all, Hair was not their appointed umpire. However, in my opinion ECB should have come out and spoke against the ‘forced forfeiture’ standing beside their guests. Why did not they protest against his appointment in the series against Pakistan given Hair’s penchant to stir controversy against Asian teams?

If the Pakistanis tampered the ball, they deserved penalty, however not in the fashion that happened at Oval.

Darrell Hair not only mishandled the matter, but in his enthusiasm to award England the game against Pakistan, he unwittingly dropped his mask that exposed his racist face.


Blogger Scott said...

What a fucking moron you are. I guess this is just another example of the white races attempt to enslave the world through Cricket. Isn't it time to pick up your dole check?

7:35 AM  
Blogger Beau Peep said...


I didn't say that. The point is that Aussies are inherently criminal by nature when it comes to sports. They would do everything against the spirit of the game to make sure they won.

As far as your comment - I guess this is just another example of the white races attempt to enslave the world through Cricket - I would like to say that when the Aussies meet the Americans, they happily lick their bums in the political sphere.

In terms of protocol, the Americans have reduced the Aussie PM to that of the rank of an American Secretary like Secretary of State of Defense Secretary. They make joint statements from together from places like the Pentagon and never with the POTUS from the White House.

Aussies especially are second class whites amongst the white races. Much inferior to their English counterparts whose forefathers transported the forefathers from the British Isles to remote Australia as they didn't want the garbage to be anywhere near their native.

Also interesting language this - What a fucking moron you are. I would not be surprised if you are an Aussie yourself. The language is reminiscent of the uncivilized and shameless culture that symbolizes the Aussies.

3:03 AM  
Blogger SAS said...

It's always entertaining to see Indians acting in such a bltantly racist manner. Ah, Indians - the trash of the world, but because there are so damn many of you you seem to think you actually count for anything. With a billion-odd of you: are you all still trying to produce just one decent Indian? Keep at it, you're not even close yet.
If anything, fairly soon cricket will be run by corrupt sub-con nations like yours. That's pretty much about the same time as the game will no longer be worth watching anymore. Hopefully the rest of the cricket-playing world will then tell the lot of you to piss off, and start a seperate competition.
It's not your colour that causes us to despise you - it's your inherent sleaziness and corruption, coupled with your amazing ability to always blame the other party for your ills. People like you are constantly writing and saying all manner of racist crap about white nations with absolute impunity, but when a white says anything about you lot, we're the racists. It's a two-way street, you know. A cheat like Muralitharan gets called for chucking? Blame the only umpire brave enough to call him. Must be racist - he's white, q.e.d. Then campaign for years so that the cheat can be - retrospectively - cleared. Just change the rules - we break them so often anyway, it's not like we respect them. Lets see - three of the 'better' sub-con bowlers: Murali, Akhtar and H. Singh. All chcukers at least some of the time, all from your part of the world. Because to you lot, cheating is perfectly acceptable.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Beau Peep said...

Oh SAS baby!

How come chuckers like Brett Lee, Glenn McGrath and Jason Gillespie never got called once for chucking. Bio-mechanics analysis proved that McGrath bent the arm over 15 degrees where as Murali's bent was less than 12 degrees.

Do you think after what he did, Darrell hair would be ever able to officiate an international match?

He is a biased racist, cheat and a saboteur. There is no doubt in that as I said and proved.

I guess I have heard enough of Aussie nonsense here.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For you SAS,

All biomechanics tests were held in either Australia or England, which cleared Murlidharan as well as the other Asian players named by you. So who's the cheat, if you still feel that they chuck, the Aussie or English Biomechanists.

I would suggest that you should get your facts right the rule was changed when it was realised by Biomechanics that there was only Ramnaresh Sarwan and Shiv Narayan Chanderpaul whoes armes never bent.....I guess both of them are from WI and of Asian lineage.....surprise surprise no Aussie.

I will not get into blaming or defacing any race......and as far as Beau Peep is concerned your theory may be true, but please read the MAY used. So stop being vindictive.

1:47 AM  

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