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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Darrell Hair, ICC and Cricket Australia: The mask has fallen; I stand vindicated

A few days back, I wrote a post on how Cricket Australia has an active agenda to dominate the cricket world. With Darrell Hair’s offer of resignation in lieu of $500,000, Malcolm Speed’s comments and ICC’s serious thoughts on ‘compensating’ Hair (that it has since denied) vindicates whatever I said.

To strengthen my stand further, now Cricket Australia is suggesting that the umpires for the Ashes series should be from Australia and England only. In other words, they are now insinuating that non-whites would be unfair to them (or they don’t want their matches to be officiated by non-whites?).

You know the real story now, right? My ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is hence proved.


Blogger sauravc said...

Nice post, good analysis. You can be a famous soothsayer, no doubt. The bottomline of this hair raising story is , however hard this monkey may try, India (and South East Asia) will remain the cricket capital of the world.

Let him raise his money from ICC. Hope his white friends will keep supporting him for the rest of his life.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Australia only has one vote on the ICC you twit, as the rest of the ICC has. How many votes has the Asan block 4, so your Conspiracy Theory is crap.

Stop looking outside to blame some one fore your problems, the answer is within....

11:38 PM  

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