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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The killer sisters will swing; we are animals after all

The Supreme Court of India has upheld the death sentence on the two sisters who brutally killed toddlers they kidnapped from across Maharashtra for over several years. Renuka and Seema Gavit along with their mother, in their greed to make money, kidnapped over a dozen small children and sadistically killed them after when they began becoming nuisances.

What turned the case was the turning of state witness by the husband of one of the sisters. He apparently sang like a canary after assured of acquittal of the crimes that he was a collaborator in.

This is what the division bench of Justice KG Balakrishnan and Justice GP Mathur said;

“We do not think that these appellants (convicts) are likely to be reformed… and they are a menace to the society.”

One victim’s mother in TV said that she was very unhappy that they were doing to die hanging. She wanted the sisters to burn at the stake! I can understand you feelings madam, I really do.

Well, well, well, retribution is what the society wants, isn’t it? You are most likely to have your pound of flesh in this case. Then why only hang them and not burn them at the stake as the mother wanted? That would definitely pacify the fire, sorrow and anger in many hearts.

How about something like this in front of the public? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful sight for the society?

Death penalty still in India is a shame. No matter how hideous the crime is, we just can’t carry out murder in the name of lawful justice.

The Guru thinks that it only shows that we are animals after all, no matter however hoarse we may cry claiming to be civilized. No, we are not, and I have told you so before, haven’t I?

Now if your argument is that we should behave with animals like animals, then next time a dog bites you, catch hold of it, tie it up and bite it back.


Blogger shlemazl said...

"The killer sisters will swing".

Heh. At first I thought you were alluding to partner-swapping. :-)

7:22 AM  
Blogger Charu said...

hmm..okay, you say its a shame. fine.

give an alternative then.
two and three life sentences is a stupid concept. i think it is a worse human rights violation than a death sentence...

neway, i am from kolhapur (the town where these women were arrested and tried), and i was in school when they were caught. i can remember the horror we all felt the day the news of their arrest was published.


1:58 PM  

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