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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Elite blogger missing

Remember the 3rd Delhi Bloggers Meet in November last year and the ‘elite’ blogger Tarun Pall (or TTG)? If you are into blogging for sometime, this name should not have escaped your notice. There had been quite a fiasco then, isn’t it? It was an absolute delight to watch the events from the sidelines as they were happening following the article in Delhi Times (the page is no longer available, but thanks to Google cache, you can still find it).

Where is TTG now? I knew he migrated from Blogger to Wordpress (which was an excellent move) but his blog is nowhere to be found. His old blog on Blogger has changed and now seems to me as an attempt to earn some AdSense money from soccer rankings. Nothing wrong in that, rather I would say excellent idea indeed. However, what has happened to his Wordpress blog? The message that I got is that TTG has decided to delete his account and the content is no longer available.

I noticed that despite his ‘death’, TTG continues to live in the blogrolls of many.


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