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Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11: How special it is?

The eleventh day of the ninth month of the Gregorian calendar or simply September 11 is special in more ways than one. Well, one can argue that other dates, you take your pick, will be just as special if not for the incident that shook the world five years ago.

However, I would like to say that notwithstanding the September 11 incident with the reputation, it is indeed a more special day than most of the 365 days (366 in leap years) in the calendar. Why? Well, check some the events that happened this day in history.

There is a great chance that Jesus was born on September 11, 3 BC and not on December 25 as it is popularly believed

*** Ernest L. Martin, the famous archaeologist suggested that Jesus was born on September 11 in 3 BC when the moon moved in a rare pattern with Venus generating the Star of Bethlehem.

The Hope Diamond was stolen on September 11, 1792

*** Hope Diamond was sensationally stolen along with other crown jewels in 1792.

The Parliament of World's  Religions started this day on September 11, 1893 from where Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous speech

*** Parliament of the World’s Religions began this date in 1893 in Chicago, which is remembered for Swami Vivekananda’s famous speech that began with ‘Sisters and brothers of America’ that triggered wild applause.

Mahatma Gandhi started his Satyagraha movement on September 11, 1906, exactly a hundred years back that eventually pulled down the British Empire

*** Mahatma Gandhi started his famous Satyagraha or Non-Violence movement today exactly one hundred years back in 1906 eventually pulling down the British Empire.

The world saw the new form of terrorism with the WTC, Pentagon and Pennsylvania attacks

*** Hijackers crash planes in the WTC twin towers, Pentagon and Shanksville in Pennsylvania.

Another small incident happened on September 11, 2000 that caught my attention. It was about a woman’s house being burnt down by a crazy guy whom the woman met a few days back over the Internet. The incident happened in a town called Northam in Western Australia, an hour’s drive from Perth. If I remember correctly, Hutt Street was the location where it happened. If you have any further information about the incident, please share. It showed how dangerous it was to solicit for lovers on the net. You never know what lies ahead.


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