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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

There is but one God – Mithun

Mithun ChakrabortyStarting this month, I found myself running into some rough time with health and household chores. It was my birthday last Sunday and I spent it under the quilt due to high fever with shivers. Today is also the first day after weeks when I am yet to down a single peg of my all-season favourite Old Monk (and it is 9:10 pm now).

It seems the fever has decided to migrate from my body to someone else’s (pity those blessed souls who came to wish me when I was down). I decided to watch Dance Dance in SET Max that I watched in 1988-89 in Hasimara, Jalpaiguri as a school kid. I still remember what a craze the movie had become there. Mithun Chakraborty is no less than the Almighty himself. The Jalpaiguri angle in the movie made it some kind of a rage, a phenomenon that was more than the normal ‘rages’ of a Mithun movie in Bengal.

Coming back to the movie I watched today, I had to go out just as the last dance started for a minute. On return, I found myself having missed the opening lines of the song, but immediately took out my N93 and recorded the whole dance from the TV. Mithun was really awesome, awesome. Just before I started to compose this post, I decided to look around for the clips of the movie in YouTube and I got them aplenty. However, I was particularly searching for the Zubi Zubi number, which was there but didn’t star anyone from Bollywood, but someone who could have well made it there.

Just watch the clip above and let me know about your thoughts on this. I am sure the number one Mithun fan Great Bong would surely love it. :-)


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