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Saturday, November 25, 2006

SOS ignored, idiots heeded, Team India’s kismet sealed

Oh Yeah Dravid! Marry his sister, get a dowry.A few days back I wrote a post calling for an SOS to save Team India. Some morons like this bloke couldn’t see that like them, I too am a die-hard fan of Indian cricket and have my heart in the right place when it comes to loving and supporting my team. I had suggested a few things that many rebuked in the blogosphere.

The point here is that most of those who criticized me were actually Dravid worshippers (no harm in that though) and place his interests above the team itself. They would accept anything to see that Dravid remained as the captain even if it meant that a saboteur is at the helm of affairs in the team’s on field and strategy decision-making.

They have miserably failed to see two things:

a) India is going from bad to worse under the Chappell-Dravid duo. Dravid, the good soul he is, may still believe that the team’s performance can improve and India can put up a good show in the coming World Cup. However, Chappell, being the saboteur knows very well that he is doing his covertly assigned job wonderfully well. He had to save the aging Aussie side from the only threat they possibly face – India. Reason? Ganguly led a young team to the finals beating everyone except Australia into the finals of the previous edition of the WC, gave the Aussies a good spanking in the Test series Down Under two years back.

b) Burdened with captaincy, Dravid’s own stats are taking a beating. The fantastic numbers are becoming mediocre in comparison with others like Ricky Ponting or Mohammad Yousuf. Now Ricky Ponting is the best batsman in the world and has gone way too far ahead from Dravid for him to catch up him in his career. Md. Yousuf has left him behind as well.There are just eleven matches to go before the ICC World Cup 2007 starts. Team India can NEVER make a turnaround from this. It is not only playing the worst cricket in several years just in the nick of time, but also the players are totally psyched out. They have developed a loser’s mentality and there cannot be any expectations from this bunch. In any case, it is just too late now. TOO LATE in the day either to sack the coach, change captains or select and groom a new bunch.

Team India will fare miserably in the ICC World Cup 2007. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that after the hiding they would get in the Caribbeans it would take another four years to exorcise the ghost of the experience.

This post will be testimonial to the statement I made today regarding the ICC World Cup 2007 in the West Indies. It would be interesting to see how the Chappell-Dravid foot-worshippers like this fella has to say then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guru, my own hate-post on chappel. Not for cricketing pundits, this is just some emotional outburst.

9:06 AM  

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