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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The week that was: New mobile, cricket, glamour, festival, dead body and bandh

The Guru witnessed a few things last week. I started the week coming to work with a spanking new mobile - an N93 (the pearl black one). Since then, it has become highly embarrassing to attend calls in public places because I don't want others to see me amongst those who flaunt their high-end mobile handsets or look for every excuse to take them out while traveling in the Delhi Metro or in happening places such as malls, shopping arcades, theatres etc. I bought it purely due to its utility factor especially the Internet applications.

Australia won the Champion's Trophy as expected. The saboteur Greg Chappell did excellently well to keep the Indian team out of the semi-finals. How prophetic my post was on this. West Indies meanwhile can kick themselves for fizzing out in the manner they did in the finals. We heard the same old whine from Brian Lara.

Meanwhile the saboteur was spotted in a glamour event in Mumbai. God knows how we can tolerate such things. Oh! Sorry, I forgot that we were a population without spines. Ponting and his team of champions shoved Sharad Pawar, the minister and BBCI chief away from the dais while posing for the photographers. Well, Sharad didn't take offence, neither did I. He had no business to be there. Of course, the media attempted everything possible to sensationalize it. On second thoughts, the character Pawar is, we can well expect him to behave the way he did in front of the 'members of superior race'. You see, we are inherently pliant and have slave-mentality. Thank you Ricky Ponting for reminding us that. Also, some 'dashing cricketers' walked the ramp to endorse a product. Maybe they got the clue from their divine coach on where cricketers in India exactly ought to be in.

Guru Parv was superb. I live in a Khalsa colony and it was a great experience to be amongst them during the festival. I was spoilt like anything by my Sikh landlord and his family.

Then I saw the town derelict, whom I got so used to seeing every morning near Welcome station eating bhujiya, lying dead on the pavement. His face was covered and flies were swarming all over the body. I just couldn't take my eyes off him and help wondering the value of life. Despite having an N93, it didn't occur to me that I could take a short video and post it on the web. I was too shaken and deep inside, I was ashamed beyond words. Today I saw the same spot again and though the body wasn't there, the source who placed the bhujiya for him every morning did place it there as before. This time I managed to click a picture and will publish it here soon.

Then the bandh called by the traders. Ah... the least said, the better.

Au revoir.


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