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Monday, September 25, 2006

Of Delhi Police, eunuchs, PCOs and spirited citizens

Last Saturday Aaj Tak was showing a programme titled ‘Kinnaron ka Karkhana’ or Factory of Eunuchs. That reminded me of an incident that happened on 7th of this month. On that day I accompanied a colleague friend to the railway station straight from work who was going to Patna. We took an auto-rickshaw after wetting our throats with our usual booze around 4 pm. I usually don’t drink in the afternoons. However, that day was an aberration.

Anyway, while crossing the Yamuna bridge over Vikas Marg, ITO, we spotted a white Maruti Zen with 5 passengers and a driver – the driver and one in the front and four in the back. Only the driver and a passenger in the back were males, the rest were eunuchs.

The male in the back looked heavily drugged and was unable to hold himself. He struggled to hold on to the headrest of the front seat where he was trying to find a support for his head to rest. He seemed to be in his late 20s or early 30s.

I got alarmed at once because of the horror stories of genital dismemberments and castrations of males by eunuchs that I heard many times before. While my mate and I were looking at them, they looked back and the car sped away. However, the many red lights and the traffic snarls held it up every now and then and I was able to jot down the number of the car (that I tore off around 6 pm that day).

We lost the car somewhere near the Sales Tax building opposite the ICAI building. On reaching Ajmeri Gate at the New Delhi railway station, I tried calling the police from one of the many mobile PCOs there. To my surprise, none of them allowed me to dial 100. No amount of coaxing, threatening etc would make them yield. Then I went to the PCOs on the other side of the road. Even they won’t allow me. It was around 5 pm then when we saw a Sub-Inspector of Police. We approached him and he too seemed disinterested. However, he must have guessed that we might take the matter further and took our names down and assured that he will check the matter out. When I asked him why the PCOs don’t allow calls to 100, he said it was not the case and asked us to make the call from the PCO where we were standing.

Dialing 100 for several minutes yielded no response from the other side! I tried several times but no one picked up the phone. There can be only two reasons – a) The PCO owner doctored the phone line and the call never went through (though I could hear the ring) or b) the Delhi Police was taking a prolonged afternoon siesta. SI Kunwar Singh left the place on his bike.

Then I called up Star News’ mobile number for the crime programme Sansani. The phone was ‘out of range’.

It was almost 6 pm by then. My mate had a train to catch and it was getting a bit too boring. After that incident, I’ve decided never to seek police attention even if I happen to witness a murder taking place right before my eyes. I am undecided though if I should go to the police in the event I find myself in the receiving end of crime. I don’t have much faith left, seriously.

So much for spirited citizens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No don't loose faith, there's a way around the bloody stupid highly inefficient bureaucracy in this country. Make sure that you have atleast one DCP/ACP etcs number stored on your mobile and call never mind whether it's night or day. Check their office numbers from Sarkaritel online and then ring their offices and tlak to the guys directly. The big guys actually arent so bad its the lower level low class or shall i be rude /politically incorrect and say jamadarni class guys at the ground level who are the really sick guys

11:44 AM  

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