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Monday, September 18, 2006

Justice Pramod Kode: Reason why you can expect fair verdicts in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast case

The Business Standard carried out an article by Makarand Gadgil on Justice Pramod Kode, the designated judge of the TADA court trying the 191 accused in the Mumbai bomb blast case in 1993. The article made very refreshing read as it focused on the judge’s career, his focus on the case and his humane side.

Forget about allowing Sanjay Dutt to travel abroad for shooting, the fact that moved me was that he understood the small desires of a human being, the emotions etc. He allowed a key accused in the case to attend his mother’s funeral and during the last Cricket World Cup in 2003, he ordered the installation of TV sets in one of the most sensitive wards of the jail after some inmates expressed a desire to watch the matches.

Not only this, in order to complete the trial in quick time, he didn’t take a single day’s leave. Given the enormity of the task, it is no less than a miracle that it took just 13 years to complete the trial.

Given the state of affairs in trial courts and the judges in the lower courts in India, people like Justice Kode are holding the faith of the public in getting fair justice and expect to be treated as humans by the system.

When all the verdicts come out and sentencing/acquittals are done with, we can safely say that the judge gave it all. One can’t question the fairness of it at all.

Three cheers to Justice Pramod Kode, and Business Standard for bringing it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bowe to justice pramod kode. he must have been threatened by the underworld and all the terrorist orgn for his & family members life
and must have been offered crores of rupees.
Hats off to him

3:46 AM  

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