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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Niche blogging: What is it anyway?

I am your gal in questionIf you thought that niche blogs are like the beautiful gal above, you are wrong. As the word beautiful has become too general, she can no longer be called just a beautiful gal. Is she intelligent? Does she have a good figure? is she a good orator? Does she look good in a swimsuit? Does she look good when she walks? Is she photogenic? Is she this? Is she that... So the word beautiful is not a niche by itself, it is way too general. Similarly, niche blogs of 2004-2005 have no longer remained niche anymore.

Pssst... So you are a blogger?For example, if you are a health blogger and blog about the health and fitness, diseases and medicines you are no longer a niche blogger. A ‘niche’ blog would have been only either on fitness, diseases or medicines; only then, you would be a niche blogger.

Niche blogging begins here and goes downwardsNah! Hang on; hang on – not so fast. The above three separate blogs on body wouldn’t get the tag of a niche health blog either. In fact, if your blog is dedicated only on one part of the whole body, like say the left ear (not the right one; mind you) or only on 500 mg paracetamol tablets only then it can be honored as a niche blog. A blog on contraceptives wouldn’t be niche enough unless it is entirely dedicated to condoms, or for that matter the pill.

Beau often pens further down...One day there would be no more subjects left to ‘niche blog’ upon. That will mean that thousands would be blogging on one ‘niche’ subject. Then the word niche would stand diluted unless re-concentrated with new definition.

...and sometimes shoves it up the ass.Ah! It’s getting finer and finer, isn’t it?


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