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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The ‘Metro-sexual’ Delhiwallah is back to his works again

On Monday on my way to work in Delhi Metro, I saw a reasonably pretty chick when I boarded the Red Line in Kashmere Gate at 9:05 am. We traveled together till Welcome station. Before alighting, I managed to take a peek on her ID and got to know what her name was. She got down at Welcome too.

Reaching office, I got curious to know more about her. I logged on to orkut, did a name search and bingo! She was there with pictures and all. She turned out to be a techie like myself.

There was a dampener though. She put her status as ‘Married’ and ‘living with partner’. I though I missed the symbols of matrimony like the tiny spec of red on the forehead that the young and married hide in their forelocks or a wedding ring or maybe a mangalsutra.

Yesterday, I made it a point to travel the same time so that I can hope to see her again and look for the signs. She was there in very trendy casuals and without those signs that I was looking for. Yes, there was a gold ring all right on the ring finger. However, it hardly looked as a wedding ring. Maybe I haven’t seen too many wedding rings in my life.

Today, we traveled together too. She was wearing a gorgeous blouse. She apparently knows what makes her look attractive. I thought she was in her early 20s. However, a closer look today revealed the light rings under her eyes. No, she never looked on war paint before. Either she is around 25 or she is into booze. Her orkut profile says she boozes occasionally. You see, women can’t have all the joys at once. They wouldn’t have to maintain their skins more than they do only if they shaved like us guys.

I have taken substantial risk in writing this post. Maybe I should have deleted the timings. If she happens to read this, she would know who this guy is. As I have visited her profile, she would know who checked her profile recently and I have pictures! Besides that, there is hardly any rush between Kashmere Gate and Welcome in the mornings, so… ;-)

Anyway, she looked wonderful today; as always.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very scary from a privacy point of view.. I think privacy is going to cause a lot of heartaches to social networks

3:01 PM  

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