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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

India should not execute Md. Afzal

Md Afzal is scheduled to be executed on Oct 20.There is no denying that I am anti-death penalty. No matter however hideous the crime is, putting a human to death is nothing short of bestial retribution. There is no place for death penalty in India; none whatsoever.

If India doesn’t spare the life of Md. Afzal for conspiring the attack on Indian Parliament that resulted in the deaths of many, it will most definitely prove what people like me think of India, which is a nation of sadists and cowards. Hanging Md. Afzal will not send any deterring message to the terrorists. Rather, it will only confirm that we are some way to go before we can call ourselves civilized.

I opposed the death sentence of the two sisters Renuka and Seema Gavit even though they have carried out the most hideous of crimes conceivable.

Only the fuckminds, perverts and the sick can see executions happening in their countries and tolerating it, be it in India or Saudi Arabia. At least Indians have a voice through democracy, so we must raise it now.


Anonymous Hiren said...

If no punishment is given, god knows what message it will send-sadists and cowards you said.

As for being civilized, before calling me snobby, you should have read the whole post about Desipundit. That was just a temporary intrusion of undeirable thoughts. Jumping to conclusions nd giving opinions without fully knowing the facts is uncivilized in my view.

2:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymouse said...

Hmm, so what exactly is the solution? There is a group of 10 people out to kill a group of 100. The 100 decide, we will die but will not react in the same way.
What exactly is the point now? That the 100 become very dead and famous for their "righteous" ways? Or that they go to heaven because they refused to strike back? Kind of silly refusing to punish a group of people who are sworn to wiping you off the face of the earth.
We are reacting in the most humane way possible. That is not a luxury afforded to us when we are mowed down on the streets and bombed on our way to earn a living.
Anyone who says that these butchers have a right to life, which they deny to others, must have an extremely masochistic mindset indeed!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may want to see my post:


5:02 PM  

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