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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hey Ram! Indian media proves itself to be not only shameless but oxymoron too

Ram Jethmalani: Devil's AdvocateThe hot news that the great lawyer Ram Jethmalani is going to defend Jessica Lall murder accused Manu Sharma is creating a few ripples in several rungs of the society fuelled by some shameless mainstream media sensationalism. The media is acting as if being struck by a bolt from the heavens on the news. Of course, they have reasons to shed a few tears because it was the media that kept the Jessica Lall issue alive and made the public take cognizance to the outrageous acquittal of all the accused following key witnesses turning hostile.

Now, the media that was slapping their backs when Santosh Singh was eventually convicted and sentenced to death finds itself in some discomfort as a lawyer non other than Jethmalani is standing against another of the 'causes' they picked up for 'public awakening'. Chances are, that with such an accomplished lawyer like Jethmalani defending Manu Sharma against whom the case is not as strong as that was against Santosh Singh, Manu Sharma would be acquitted again.

TV channels and news websites are taking polls via SMS and online polls. While online polls are non-commercial, conducting SMS polls on a sensationalized subject like this often brings in windfalls for the TV channels and phone networks. So, even if the media might lose their 'cause' in the face of Jethmalani jumping in the fray to defend the murder accused, they stand to earn millions that would compensate them manifolds.

The way the Indian media is behaving is making it look like oxymoron. A few days back they were saying that since Md. Afzal did not get access to good and quality lawyers he got the noose while the other co-accused of the Parliament attack case walked free. Now, irony of all ironies, the same media is crying at the top of its voice on why a lawyer like Ram Jethmalani would jump in to defend the alleged murderer of the model.

My opinion here is that the best resources should be available for Manu Sharma. After all, he is defending his life in such a high-profile murder case. If the court finds him guilty beyond all reasonable doubts notwithstanding Ram Jethmalani, other high quality resources and money, then that would give the best satisfaction to the people, and the media of course who picked up the Jessica Lall murder case so vehemently. Also, there are no rights and wrongs here. It is the right of the accused to defend himself in the best possible way and shameless campaigning against this very fundamental human right is despicable to say the least.

Shame on all the TV channels soliciting polls through text messages and behaving the way it is now. Also, the public who are against Shree Jethmalani's decision to defend Manu Sharma may take a hike. They are not going to get a kangaroo court set up for the retrial of the case.

We all want Jessica Lall murderer to be punished. However, three cheers to Ram Jethmalani.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my take on the Manu/jessica/jethmalani episode:

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Sunita said...

Ram Jethmalani- is undoubtedly a conniving, manipulative liar

Read this:

2:19 AM  
Blogger Beau Peep said...


You are missing the woods for the trees. You must be unbiased in your opinion and appreciate the fact that everyone is entitled to a fair legal process - be it Manu Sharma or whoever.

If Sharma has really killed Jessica Lall, then let the prosecuters prove it beyond all reasonable doubts.

Gunning for his lawyer is childish to say the least. Also, you must not forget that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

4:30 AM  
Blogger garcia kafka said...

u hv hit bang on dude.. manu sharma needs a fair trial.. we are already assuming him as guilty bcos he is a spoilt brat n stuff like tht..

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is such a thing as media activism and there is such a thing as media centric commercialism.
They are processes in flesh and part of the game.

Lets be concerned about the very important point you made : the irony of ironies that the media
after having decried Md.Afzals not given his due, is now decrying Manu given his due.

Do you think its pangs of guilt after what has happened with Manu? Or do you think its objectivity,
to say the least? There is such a thing as common sense too.

But let me not cruelly kill the blogging spirit -- against what you think, there is a right and
wrong, the judiciary is nothing more than a practical joke otherwise. And since thats the issue,
"everybody is entitled to a fair trial" yes. Did you have any regrets about what happened with

Or did it take Rams decision to invoke those regrets. The only thing Im trying to say is, what is
unknown shall remain unknown but these small victories in doling early justice need all the elation
and inspire all hope.

1:58 AM  
Blogger Beau Peep said...


I can't agree more with you when you say - these small victories in doling early justice need all the elation and inspire all hope.

However, at what cost? The question therefore is not to allow ourselves to be bracketed under the catagory of lynch mobs, but show that we are 'evolved' enough as a society to bring criminals to book in a manner that respects individual rights and freedom.

As far Md. Afzal's sentence is concerned, it is no less than a tragedy for me as it makes be believe that he was less fortunate than the other co-accused who was acquitted.

2:43 AM  

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