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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two chicks, craigslist, hookups and confessions

Of the many blogs I read often, I make it a point to visit two blogs written by females living on the either side of the globe – in USA and India. There are many similarities between these two women. Not only the colours of their blog templates are same, they seem to enjoy writing about their private lives a lot. Naturally, they attract a lot of readers. After all, reading about steamy encounters is always interesting, isn’t it? One more similarity is that they both have the same initials - CC.

However, the American shows that she is a sapiophile and enjoys giving her male readers advice on how to snare available females for hookups from the Internet, especially in craigslist. She has a good academic way of writing and not like the many typically unintelligent and grammatically challenged females around with stupid blogs. Also, though she writes on her sexual encounters right from how she picked up her guys, she is careful enough to make sure that her posts don’t smack of porn, even when she tells how important it is to warm up and use lubes for anal sex. She is classy, she is intelligent and she apparently knows what she is talking about. She is the ClueChick.

The Indian chick writes about her personal life too. Though she used to write on her sexual life like how her experience was having sex under the shower, her posts generally are too self-centered and revolve around her pals and parties. My personal opinion is that she has become a little too predictable and thus boring of late. Anyway, what caught my eye today is the mention of craigslist opening shop in India and how it has her hooked to it. She is eM, the Compulsive Confessor.

It seems the rapidly growing popular social networking site orkut will have some serious competition. Also, it will most certainly bring in some hazards. craigslist provides a perfect platform for people looking for casual encounters. However, it will pay if you can avoid scandals like the Jason Fortuna experiment.

Finally, eM can make a lot of readable confessions if she indeed goes ahead with having a few hookups through CL. Actually she should as she confessed not getting lucky for over a year now. It would be doubly interesting because we happen to be in the same city! Maybe one day…


Anonymous ClueChick said...

Thanks! I'm always pleased to hear about folks liking my blog!

7:37 AM  
Anonymous sapiophile said...

Hey now, Cluechick is not me, and I'm not she. She's awesome, but I'm Sapiophile. :-)

6:41 AM  

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