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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Guru Greg Bahadur Chappell: Mission accomplished, almost!

Guru Greg Bahadur Chappell: Sabotage GuruNot so long ago, I wrote a post how Greg Chappell is a part of the Aussie conspiracy to dominate world cricket and in yet another post advocated his sacking to save India. I always believed that he made his went into the Indian side via Saurav Ganguly, but was quick to bore into the side destorying it like a termite destroys timber.

Any more disagreements with me after this humiliation inflicted on Team India by Bangladesh today? Guru Greg now is very close to accomplishing his mission; a saboteur’s dream close to getting fulfilled now.

Jai ho! Greg, you are a real guru.

I shall be back with my Bihar Yatra – II soon. Please bear with me, the ICC World Cup 2007 just getting too interesting for me at least.


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