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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am back (and alive) from Bihar 'outback'

Hey folks, the Guru had been away from Delhi for a month to Bihar. Though I am from Patna, I always had been in cities mostly, especially in Patna. Having said that, I had been in rural Bihar, and also in most notorious parts of the state.

I shall be writing something about my trip there in two days maximum. However, before that I shall write something that I had in my heart for many days.

So my dear friends, d0 return soon. I promise, this year I shall try to write more often and more spicily and try to write on some very touchy and picky issues.

Folks, I missed you all; seriously. But I am back now and I won't leave you disappointed.

I shall be back soon; that's a promise.

Au revoir.

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