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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Need your help urgently

I have been behaving like a madman of late. It seems that my emotions have gotten the better of me and I no longer seem to have control over my actions. The matter is personal and I need the help of my readers here on what to do. Chances are that I might someday do something drastic from where there would be no returning.

It is regarding the constant blues that I am reeling under these days resulting in a lot of alcohol consumption followed by sickly text messages, telephone calls and waking up sick and highly embarrassed the next morning. In addition, this is making me shop like hell these days and spending money on others resulting in substantial loss of wealth.

What’s surprising about my situation now is that the reason for this happened about a year back. I was pretty OK with myself till last month. I have a feeling that the changing season has something to do with it or maybe since most of the things in the reason happened around this time of the year last year.

I tried to look for the solution myself and no mater however hard I tried, I just couldn’t find it. I work for long hours. I have every distraction needed to keep my mind off the blues. However, nothing is helping me. Maybe living alone and not having people around to talk about personal things is aggravating me.

I need help to:

a) Get back to my old jovial self, and
b) Get rid of compulsive unhealthy boozing every night that will take care of my health and embarrassing actions as mentioned above.

If any one of you can suggest me an out of the box solution that might help me, please do leave a comment. I shall be highly obliged.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Priyadarshini Mattoo murder verdict: One down, two to go

The long-awaited judgment on the botched up trial and subsequent re-trial of the rape and murder of Priyadarshini Mattoo has finally arrived, and it remarkably quick time this time in the Delhi High Court. It took just 11 sittings in 50 days for the HC Bench to come to a verdict. This shows that if the judiciary takes a stand, the state machineries will fall into line just as the CBI did this time by investigating and presenting the case as it should be.

Well, that’s not what I want to discuss here. The point is who should take the credits for eventually bringing the culprit Santosh Kumar Singh to book. As India Daily has pointed out, the media is trying to take the credit for making the crime and the acquittal of Santosh Singh such a high-profiled one. It credits Priyadarshini’s father Shri Chaman Lal Mattoo for being tenacious in seeking justice for his daughter.

I agree that without Shri CL Mattoo’s indomitable courage, the process would not gone forward. However, from where did he get the initial push? A middle-aged man like him would have broken down completely in the face of such adversity. Therefore, in my opinion the following factors are solely responsible:

a) The Indian Express for this, this and this that brought back to focus the miscarriage of justice on the case to public attention again.
b) Priyadarshini’s relatives, friends and earlier acquaintances who together started a mass campaign through the Internet [e.g. this and this].
c) Various TV channels highlighting the case, and the various campaigns for her justice resulting in stirring the collective conscience of the society.

Now that the first high-profile case is over with justice finally being delivered, now the attention will be upon the two other notorious acquittals – the Jessica Lall murder case and the Nitish Katara murder case. What makes the last two cases unique is one person Vikas Yadav, the main accused in the Nitish Katara case is a co-accused in the Jessica Lall case as well.

It took remarkably less time to arrive at the verdict of the Priyadarshini Mattoo murder case. The fate of Santosh Kumar Singh will be decided on Oct 31. There is hardly any doubt in my mind that Vikas Yadav and Manu Sharma – pals in real life, will most probably be pals in prison for the rest of their lives as well; that is if one or both escape

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two chicks, craigslist, hookups and confessions

Of the many blogs I read often, I make it a point to visit two blogs written by females living on the either side of the globe – in USA and India. There are many similarities between these two women. Not only the colours of their blog templates are same, they seem to enjoy writing about their private lives a lot. Naturally, they attract a lot of readers. After all, reading about steamy encounters is always interesting, isn’t it? One more similarity is that they both have the same initials - CC.

However, the American shows that she is a sapiophile and enjoys giving her male readers advice on how to snare available females for hookups from the Internet, especially in craigslist. She has a good academic way of writing and not like the many typically unintelligent and grammatically challenged females around with stupid blogs. Also, though she writes on her sexual encounters right from how she picked up her guys, she is careful enough to make sure that her posts don’t smack of porn, even when she tells how important it is to warm up and use lubes for anal sex. She is classy, she is intelligent and she apparently knows what she is talking about. She is the ClueChick.

The Indian chick writes about her personal life too. Though she used to write on her sexual life like how her experience was having sex under the shower, her posts generally are too self-centered and revolve around her pals and parties. My personal opinion is that she has become a little too predictable and thus boring of late. Anyway, what caught my eye today is the mention of craigslist opening shop in India and how it has her hooked to it. She is eM, the Compulsive Confessor.

It seems the rapidly growing popular social networking site orkut will have some serious competition. Also, it will most certainly bring in some hazards. craigslist provides a perfect platform for people looking for casual encounters. However, it will pay if you can avoid scandals like the Jason Fortuna experiment.

Finally, eM can make a lot of readable confessions if she indeed goes ahead with having a few hookups through CL. Actually she should as she confessed not getting lucky for over a year now. It would be doubly interesting because we happen to be in the same city! Maybe one day…

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