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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Opinion needed: How to deal with acid attackers | मत चाहिए: तेज़ाब आक्रमणकारियों के साथ क्या करना चाहिए

Throwing acid by spurned suitors and lovers on women have become quite common in the developing world. In India specially, it has become alarmingly high. Bangladesh has included provisions for the death penalty in such cases, which has brought down incidences of such attacks.

In Andhra Pradesh yesterday, police shot dead three youths in their custody, arrested for throwing acid on two young women who spurned their advances in an apparently fake armed encounter between them.

Last month, an Iranian court sentenced a man's eyes to be dripped with acid for attacking a young woman with the same leaving her disfigured and blinded for life.

Do you approve of such retribution in the name of justice for these heinous crimes carried out by soulless criminals? Also, take into consideration the number of times these jilted lovers are taken for a ride by the girls who ended up being victims of such a horrific act.


ठुकराए गए प्रेमिकों द्वारा तेज़ाब फेंकने की घटनाये विकसित देशो मे काफी आम हो गया है, खास कर, भारत मे यह चिंताजनक मात्रा मे पहुँच गया हैं| बांग्लादेश ने हाल ही मे ऐसी घटनाओ को अंजाम देने वालों के लिए कानून मे मौत की सज़ा का प्रबंध किया है|

कल आंध्र प्रदेश पुलिस के तीन तेज़ाब फेंकने के आरोप मे गिरफ्तार युवकों को एक कथित मुतभेड मे मार गिराया जो की फ़र्ज़ि हो सकता है इन लड़कों के दो युवतियों के ऊपर तेज़ाब फेंका था जिनमे एक युवती की हालत नाज़ुक बनी हुई है|

पिछले महीने, इरान की एक अदालत ने एक आदमी केआँखों मे तेज़ाब डालने का हुक्म सुनाया जो एक युवती के ऊपर तेज़ाब दाल कर उसे अँधा बनाया और चेहरे को बिलकुल नष्ठ कर दिया|

क्या आप इस तरह का न्याय के नाम पर बदला को सहमति देते है इस तरह की संगीन ज़ुर्म करने वाले इन जैसे आत्माहीन आदमियों के लिए? कृपया एक बात को दिमाग मे रखे की घटनाओं की क्या जो की औरतें ऐसी हाद्साओं की शिकार होने के लिए खुद वैसे सनकी प्रेमियों को उकसाया|

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Andrew checks in: Ek imaandar maidan ke andar

This is my first post since last March, and coincidentally my last post was on the continuing Aussie conspiracy to destroy other teams and remain the champion ream so that they can remain at least financially independent and viable.

Anyway, the saga continues with India’s tour Down Under. The latest theory about the raging racial abuse controversy involving Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds where the former allegedly called the later ‘monkey’ is something like this:

Harbhajan is innocent. He just looked at Andrew and said, ‘teri maa ki…’. Andrew wrongly heard it as ‘monkey’.

I can understand that. However, what I cannot understand is how a person supposedly being proud of being called a roo (as in kangaroo) can be so offended by the word ‘monkey’. At least monkeys, as I knew till now were more closely related to a human being than a kangaroo. Besides, there is nothing remotely racial about the word. Instead, one of the most worshipped Hindu deities is Lord Hanuman who is a monkey. Monkeys are fed and revered in India. Maybe a kangaroo brain missed the details there.

Maybe he won’t be able to miss the 6 differences in details between the two images below.

Well, can you help him out? Can you spot the 6 differences? I give up, I could find only 4 till now. Maybe you can help me as well.

Andrew, you are a great entertainer, a cricket player and a champion. But sorry to say mate, you missed one revolution, that's evolution!

Au revoir folks. This year, the Guru will be regular here. All apologies for my broken promises last year. It had been the worst for me in my entire life. I am glad to get rid of it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mission accomplished! Well done Greg

Well, I don't want to sound too snobby in this post, but I can't stop grinning from ear to ear now. I almost feel as if I am God today. The mood is really light, spring time it is and the dawn is just about to break. I shall make some tea now, go to my terrace and enjoy the light breeze that is blowing and let the thought sink in that I just won Rs 10,000.00 from one of the blinded cricket fans who also happens to be my colleague.

You might be wondering that India’s disgraceful exit (well almost save a miracle like a flying pig happens) from the ICC World Cup 2007 in the first round itself after being beaten by (piranha) minnows Bangladesh and then by 69 runs to (bull) sharks Sri Lanka is the thing that ought to ‘sink in’ and not some wild bet at the expense of a billion heartbreaks.

For me, this is not the news, my ten thousand rupees matter much more than that. It is not because I don’t like cricket; it is because I stopped following it for recreation and entertainment the moment I realized that Greg Chappell’s entry as coach, Ganguly’s exit as captain and Indian selector’s striptease act led by the punk 3rd class called Kiran More actually were following a pattern, a pattern that meant doom. So, from then onwards, it was more like a criminal research and analysis for me that I found very interesting indeed.

The Aussie’s plotted it (it started from the days when India toured Australia and Guru Greg Bahadur Chappell ‘coached’ Saurav Ganguly and befriended him), BCCI and the Indian selectors suddenly developed a fetish of this variety.

The writing was on the wall. I strongly voiced my concerns with arguments. However, nothing of that sort happened and then I had given up all hopes. The mad Billion were all gaga about Rahul Dravid’s poster boy qualities.

Now, it is time for a new Bond. The current players (Sachin - 0, Dhoni - 0, Ganguly - 7) that make Indian's Bond and its sidekicks have become very boring.

Ah! Forget it! What the hell I am writing at this hour? I would like a few suggestions from you on how to spend my 10K that I expect my good friend to hand me over without much fuss.

Bihar Yatra – II will come soon, please bear with me. You see, small distractions here and there often make you lose focus and the ICC World Cup 2007 is one such distraction.

And the Guru thanks Greg Chappell, Kiran More and the spineless Rahul Dravid for the 10K I just won.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Guru Greg Bahadur Chappell: Mission accomplished, almost!

Guru Greg Bahadur Chappell: Sabotage GuruNot so long ago, I wrote a post how Greg Chappell is a part of the Aussie conspiracy to dominate world cricket and in yet another post advocated his sacking to save India. I always believed that he made his went into the Indian side via Saurav Ganguly, but was quick to bore into the side destorying it like a termite destroys timber.

Any more disagreements with me after this humiliation inflicted on Team India by Bangladesh today? Guru Greg now is very close to accomplishing his mission; a saboteur’s dream close to getting fulfilled now.

Jai ho! Greg, you are a real guru.

I shall be back with my Bihar Yatra – II soon. Please bear with me, the ICC World Cup 2007 just getting too interesting for me at least.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bihar Yatra - I

Ok folks, the Guru is back. I don’t know where to start from, but allow me to take you from where I ended. That is the last month of the last year. Before I begin, I would like to apologize to my faithful, patient and above all, my beloved readers like Nugget Maven.

I finally made up my mind to visit my parents who I last saw when my granny died about two years back. Though I have always had my mom as my best mate, I was kinda estranged with my father since my childhood. Not that I didn’t respect him, for he is a great learned man, but I always hated his attitude since the time I can remember because of his ideology and thoughts that I never agreed with. Besides, I guess both being big egoists, we were like two swords that could never fit in a single scabbard. Still, I found it that it was my ‘duty’ to see my parents who are now middle-aged and none of our relatives were within 1500km of where they were – Patna, the capital city of Bihar and where I finished my schooling from, and perhaps had some of my most eventful days of my teen life.

Ok, now let’s speak about my Bihar yatra in this post that I promised, for that’s I want to write and that’s I promised you to narrate to; but first a backgrounder.

During my days (that is when my father was transferred to Patna from Assam in 1993), Lalu Prasad was the chief minister of Bihar and his reign is mostly remembered as the famous ‘Jungle Raj’ or the rule of the forest. I used to live in a locality called Shastri Nagar, which was (in)famous for one of Lalu’s relatives called Subhas Yadav. A henchmen of the ruling party of which, Lalu was the chieftain and the chief minister of the state, his terror was palpable in the relatively posh residential area where we resided. That is from there after I went down south to study that my father, who was by then posted elsewhere, shifted residence to a place called Jagdeo Path, some 2.5km from Shastri Nagar.

Ages passed, and Lalu still continued to rule Bihar through proxy by installing his wife as the puppet CM when chargesheeted for many crimes; law and order collapsed totally and criminals ruled the roost. The situation became so bad that even the capital city Patna was witnessing broad daylight murders and kidnappings for ransom. Doctors and businessmen fled the state and to say that anarchy was the rule of the day would be an understatement.

It was in Bihar I founded my first company after my post graduation in business administration during which I also had a three-year long serious flirtation with software programming and hacking expeditions. (The business eventually went down the drain owing to ever-diminishing lack of business from private enterprise after which I founded my current firm in 2003 that failed to make any cut as well incurring severe setbacks and losses until I relocated in New Delhi.)

Anyway, in by 2003 the situation in Bihar worsened so much that within a span of just 2 months, I was finding myself helping two people who were shot by criminals at night, and on both the occasions when me and a few accomplices were returning from a nearby restaurant (it was actually a shack) called Vatika Restaurant in Khajpura near Jagdeo Path. First, it was the obese proprietor of a famous jewelry emporium called Deep Jewelers who was shot at by criminals (maybe for kidnapping or looting while he was returning to his house just about 50 meters from his shop after closing his shop). We were having bottoms-up then after having a fantastic dinner when we heard the shots and the panicked restaurateur was pulled the shutters down when we were still inside urging us to pay the bills and leave soon. We came out and had to wrestle quite a bit to get the fat man in a forcibly stopped auto rickshaw to get him to the hospital. The man survived the bullets, but died within two months following a heart attack.

The next incident was a horrific sight that I shall not forget in my entire life. We (the same guys) dines in Vatika, returned home and were walking in front of the apartment building where I used to live in Jagdeo Path, the rest including my brother went home. We were three of us and I was the only one who had drunk a bit when we saw a man running towards us waving frenetically. I didn’t notice till he came closer that he was holding his face with one hand and waving with the other making some hoarse sound. When I turned back to see the other two guys who were with me, there were nowhere to be seen. It all happened so quickly that I didn’t understand at all what happened. The man came closer, right before my apartment building gate where I was standing. His face was clearly visible by then, I saw he was profusely bleeding and his lower jaw seemed to have been shattered. He was trying to forcibly enter my building when the guard stopped him. I had to shout at the guard ordering him to open the gates, which he did, following which the man entered and sat down on the cemented ground. I asked the guard to bring some water that the man appreciated but could hardly drink. The stench from his blood soaked body reminded me of the abattoirs where we usually went to bring fresh meat during my childhood (and please believe me, it felt just the same).

Even then, I was supposing that the man might have met with an accident and injured himself severely. There was a nephrology hospital called Palm View right in the same lane where my building was. I took him there and asked the man to write down his name and address so that we can inform his relatives, which he did. The doctors there refused to treat him. There were a few attendants of a few patients there who came forward and offered help to me. I hailed an auto-rickshaw and took him to the address he wrote down. The man was remarkably calm, but was already fainting. It was about 15km from the place in the outskirts of the city. It was already 1:00 am in the morning. By then one of the two guys who were with me who vanished in thin air appeared following a few mobile calls. Seeing me doing everything single-handedly also gather some courage and was with me all through out along with a couple of relatives of the patients who were in the hospital and came forward to offer a helping hand. While taking him off, the man showed his bike which was lying down the roadside and I still thought that he met with an accident. We managed to find his address where a marriage ceremony happened a few hours back and seeing him the relatives panicked. They called a car and took him to Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH). I left my business card to them asking them to update me about his health the next day and we returned home by around 3:00 am. They never did that!

Actually the man had been shot and the reason the two guys fled was that they saw the man was being shot at the head (the bullet actually hit his lower jaw and ripped it). Seeing him getting up and running towards us, the assailants fired once more but seeing some activity in the dimly lit street (as we were there) they turned their bikes back and fled. It was summer, and many of the tenants of the building too witnessed the event from the terrace. I don’t really know what the story was and why he was shot, but I read it in the papers the next day that said that a man was shot and the locals helped him to take him to the hospital. I dunno whether he survived or not.

I left Patna in the winter. I had seen and endured enough and I had absolutely no further hopes about Bihar.

Since then many things changed, I gradually settled in New Delhi, my girlfriend of 5 years dumped me for no reason (apart from I was struggling then) in Dec 2005, worked like a donkey whole of last year and I can safely say that I am much better now professionally and mentally. Lalu’s regime had fallen despite his prophecy that as long as there would be aloo (potato) in samosa, there would be Lalu’s rule in Bihar.

Under this backdrop I went to Bihar to meet my parents for a week and also see my old friends. Patna seemed to have change, there were functioning traffic lights, bus stops repainted, good wide roads and a lot of construction activities were going on. One of my friends were going to buy a car and bankers were willing to finance it (a virtually non-existent thing during my days there) etc., etc.

One of my very old mates, who studied hotel management in the same institute where I did my bachelors degree in business management in the mid-nineties and now a real estate developer (he got a good inheritance) suggested we drive across the Ganges to Vaishali district and have a few drinks and country chicken for we were fed up with broiler chicken and country chicken had become almost a rare and exotic delicacy!

I agreed and went and that would be the second part of the series concluding tomorrow. It will have the story about drive, the quest for the elusive country chicken in rural countryside, my terror of even bringing out my N93 to recieve calls, the Bacardi Blast, an incident and an yet another incident during my train journey back home. ;-)

Au revoir.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Coming folks, coming soon with a 'potri' of stories for you all

I know, I had been really lethargic in posting. However, you give me just 12 hours mates, and I shall do justice to my blog's cause.

So many things to write. Adventures, travels, emotions, and of course the usual Guruspeak. Just give me 12 hours folks. The Guru would be back on March 01, 2007 with some sensational stuff.

I need some time to rest and some time to think for enabling me to come up with a 'few good posts' tomorrow.

Au revoir.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am back (and alive) from Bihar 'outback'

Hey folks, the Guru had been away from Delhi for a month to Bihar. Though I am from Patna, I always had been in cities mostly, especially in Patna. Having said that, I had been in rural Bihar, and also in most notorious parts of the state.

I shall be writing something about my trip there in two days maximum. However, before that I shall write something that I had in my heart for many days.

So my dear friends, d0 return soon. I promise, this year I shall try to write more often and more spicily and try to write on some very touchy and picky issues.

Folks, I missed you all; seriously. But I am back now and I won't leave you disappointed.

I shall be back soon; that's a promise.

Au revoir.

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